American Express's NBA Jersey Assurance: What It Is and How It Works
Jan 05, 2023 By Susan Kelly

Basketball jerseys manufactured by the Momentum US squad were used as American Express trade evidence. Fans invest hundreds of dollars on the jerseys of their favorite players, so it hurts when they are traded.

NBA, therefore, created NBA jersey insurance. Fans may purchase a player's jersey using an AmEx card and swap it for a new one when their favorite player is traded, which will undoubtedly happen. Without any charges.

What is the NBA Jersey Assurance from AMEX?

Do you show your NBA love to the world? If so, you can recover when your favorite player transfers teams, thanks to a little-known perk. The deal is much better if you also have an American Express card.

The standard form of the benefit is provided via the online NBA Store and is known as American Express Jersey Assurance. Jersey Assurance protects you if a player whose jersey you purchased changes clubs due to a transfer or free agency signing.

With Jersey Assurance from American Express, you have far greater security against receiving an out-of-date jersey for over a year. It's undoubtedly one of the credit cards' more intriguing perks. You must understand a few vital things in order to be able to apply them when required.

How does American Express Jersey Assurance work?

The NBA's web retailer, physical stores, and are all included in the NBA Jersey Assurance scheme.

If a player joins or leaves a team during the covered period after you have purchased a jersey. In that situation, you must submit a Jersey Assurance claim form and select one of the following choices for replacement:

  1. The player's new jersey from their new club.
  2. A player's jersey from the original team.

Within Ninety days of the date of purchase, the fundamental Jersey Assurance provides coverage for team adjustments. However, a transaction done using an AmEx card has a 360-day expiration date.

You must submit the claim paperwork within 14 days of the transfer or free agent signing notification. This is simple because You may submit the claim form online. To get your new jersey, you must also return the previous one.

The new jersey will be the exact gender, style, and same size, as the original, and it will likewise ship for free.

AmEx Jersey Assurance policies

The jersey must be bought at to qualify for coverage if a trade or free agent move causes the NBA player whose jersey you bought to change teams. You are entitled to a free replacement jersey within ninety days of your purchase.

If you made your transaction with an Am Ex card, you would be covered for an entire year after the transaction.

Keep in mind that ShopRunner, which enables free speedy shipping, is a feature of many AmEx cards. When buying a jersey from the NBA shop, ShopRunner should work.

What does AmEx Jersey Assurance not cover?

The following conditions are excluded from coverage by Jersey Assurance:

Design modifications: You cannot exchange your jersey for a new one if the team decides to modify the design of its uniforms. On the plus side, throwbacks are always in vogue.

Absences unrelated to a switch in teams: If a player retires, is suspended, or is cut and not picked up by another club, you're out of luck. Only when a player transfers to a new team does Jersey Assurance apply.

Changes to a player's jersey number or name do not qualify because they still belong to the same team.

It's crucial to remember that the Jersey Assurance coverage window begins on the day the transfer or contract is formally announced. Rumors and trade demands are not acceptable.

And for the same reason, American Express cards' extended Jersey Assurance coverage is beneficial.


Consider the occasions when a marquee player requested a trade, but it wasn't consummated until years ”, as in the case of Anthony Davis last year. An American Express card gives you more protection when purchasing a jersey.

When a player transfers teams, a fan's newly purchased shirt quickly becomes outdated, which is always disappointing. Jersey Assurance helps protect you when that occurs, and American Express significantly improves this advantage for NBA jerseys. Every time you purchase an NBA jersey, it is highly recommended that you use your American Express card.

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1. What is the maximum jersey that we can get insurance for?

Answer: Each physical address is limited to five replacement jerseys per previous season.

You should be okay with it because it would take a lot of poor luck and a lot of jersey purchases to reach the limit.

Question 2. How long is the coverage under Amex Jersey Assurance?

Answer: The AmEx Jersey Assurance provides 90 days of primary insurance. Following that, if you pay for your transaction with an American Express card, you will receive coverage starting on the day of the trade for an entire year.

Question 3. What is the cost of the American Express Jersey Assurance?

Answer: There is no cost for the American Express Jersey Assurance.

This offer covers the shipping cost of getting your New Jersey or returning your jersey.

Question 4. What must I do to file a claim?

Answer: Simple to do! Complete the online claim form with some primary data. A devoted Jersey Assurance support staff member would be pleased to assist you in beginning the procedure.

Question 5. Where can I get details on how players move?

Answer: Once the team or league has formally publicized a transaction, fans can only identify it. To ascertain eligibility, our Customer Service Athletes will reference the repository.

Question 6. Can I get a finer jersey to replace my current one?

Answer: Upgrades are permitted for transfers or free-agent signings but not for claims related to jersey damage. Tell the Customer Support Athlete you want to upgrade when you submit your Jersey Assurance claim. The discrepancy between the jerseys' original retail pricing will be your responsibility.